How many pendants should you use in a kitchen?

The general advice is that you should use an odd number of pendants to light up a feature such as an island or dining table in your kitchen. However, when designing our kitchens we don’t always follow the rules. We do use three or five pendant lights over an island or peninsular when we feel it makes sense for the space, but there are so many other important factors to consider, we are not guided by convention.

It all comes down to what you are trying to achieve with your lighting. Yes, pendants have a functional use, to light up an area, but you can use colour, size and style to push things that bit further too. For instance, they can create drama and contrast; becoming a feature in their own right, like in some of our customers’ kitchens below.

Three pendants

In this beautiful kitchen above, these pendant lights have been used to create a romantic feel, but we have also specifically chosen three to extend the kitchen area both sides of the RSJ in the ceiling, bringing the whole kitchen space together.

Two pendants

Two pendants work as well as shown here highlighting the seating area only which is specifically for eating and socialising.

Below we have used these subtle pendants to specifically light up the worktop which is the prominent feature, instead of the pendants themselves. These are also in keeping with the beautiful crittall doors behind.

One pendant!

Breaking all the rules, we chose to only include one pendant light in the kitchens below. In the first instance, the contrast of the blue and white was the main feature we wanted to communicate. This glass pendant is understated and therefore not fighting for attention. It is in keeping with the pared-back clean design so it has fulfilled its function superbly.

Again, one pendant has been used effectively here, this time a larger one has been used to highlight this exquisite peninsular.

Here at Bramptons, we believe that the rules are there to be broken when it comes to pendants. The use of pendants will continue to help us achieve the desired impact specific to each and every kitchen.