Which decisions do you need to make when choosing a kitchen?

We are excited to be going through the important process of choosing a kitchen ourselves here at Brampton Interiors as our showroom is undergoing a facelift!

We will soon be welcoming some new kitchens to our collection at our showroom in St Albans. One of these will be a new traditional Kitchen and we’ve enjoyed thinking about all the different options before deciding on our final design.

Firstly, we tend to start with the style, which we know in this case will be traditional. About 50% of our customers choose traditional style kitchens so we’d like to display a variety which our customers can see and touch.

Secondly, we focus on which colour we should choose? Light or dark? Bold or soft? Contrasting or monochrome? Which colours will complement the surrounding and the other kitchens we have on display here? What feel do we want the kitchen to have? Energising, light and bright or moody and romantic etc.?

The finish is next; matt, lacquered, textured, wood…the options are endless so we’ve been feeling our way through all the samples we have to choose from.

Once these questions are answered we can then move on to the worktop. How much of a feature do we want the worktop to be? Which stone and finishes will set off our chosen colour scheme nicely? Which worktops will reflect the light in the most appealing way?

Then it’s down to the finer, but hugely important, details. How do we want the kitchen to look with the cupboards open? Which handles do we choose; door knobs or channel handles? Should we choose stainless steel, brass or any of the many other finishes?

These are some the questions we help guide our customers through every day and it is vital that they are given the right attention early on as the decisions made at this point feed right the way through the design. And because we see our kitchens every day, it is crucial that we choose the right materials so the kitchen delights every time we use it. There’s no room for snap decisions.

We have to admit, we thought we were there a few times, only to sleep on it and change our minds after a period of reflection. This usually happens and shows we’ve given the decision the time it deserves.

And now…we are delighted to say that we are all in agreement and excited about our final choices.  The kitchen has been fitted, there’s no going back. Now we simply can’t wait to update you on the kitchen we have chosen.  Watch out for the pictures…coming soon!