Why choose a Schüller kitchen? 

13 March 2022

“Our kitchens are as individual as the people that use them.”

– Schüller

At Brampton Interiors, we have designed and installed colourful kitchens in St Albans from the Schüller range since 2020, with several underway!

But what is so special about Schüller? Why choose Schüller for your own home? Here are 3 reasons why Schüller might be a worthwhile investment for you.

#1 German Made

Whether it’s a kitchen or a car, Germany is well-known for its top quality and highly skilled manufacturing. Among German brands, Schüller comes highly recommended for its extraordinary quality and innovative design.

Their furniture is well-crafted, surfaces are solid and durable and storage solutions are smart. You can rest assured that your “Made in Germany” kitchen will be long-lasting and high quality.

#2 Endless Choice  

Schüller offers a huge range of colours and materials to choose from. Whether you prefer glass-fronted, veneered, or solid wood doors: there is truly something for everyone.

The Satin Lacquer door alone comes in 23 different colours with 7 different styles of door to choose from, giving you the greater control and customisation necessary to bring your ideal kitchen to life.

#3 Highly Adaptable

Lastly, Schüller kitchens are incredibly versatile. Many kitchen brands come with standard cabinet and plinth heights but with Schüller, there are at least four options (as standard) to adjust the heights of your basic furniture to fit the quirks of your kitchen.

Schüller also offers highly adaptable and smart ways of organising your kitchen space, no matter the size: including anti-slip mats, waste bin pull-outs, easy-reach shelves, spice rack inserts and much more.

Schüller Spotlight

Live Love Cook! 🍽 Here is a recent example of a Schüller kitchen that we designed and installed for our happy customer in Redbourn, St Albans…

The combination of natural colours, elegant surfaces and spacious layout has created this lovely and relaxed look. The soft white furniture is paired with our soft Havannah Brown door and the sophisticated aesthetics of the shelf in a warm wood look is simply beautiful.

If you’re considering Schüller for your home, feel free to pop into our showroom in St Albans to see our range of working kitchen displays.

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